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Company overview

EXIGENCE (Asia Pacific) Limited is engaged in identifying needs and developing solutions for the improvement of human health and environmental sustainability.

We focus on sourcing and distributing environmental-care products that provide new and improved solutions in environment sustainability, waste prevention and reduction, life balance and environmental care.

Our work primarily involves the application of environmentally advanced products and inventions by which selected worldwide channels, particularly from China, with undiscovered potential are activated and brought to pursuit specific market segment in either the health or the environmental sector.

Orientation for EXIGENCE’s products and know-how is key to our business. To date, various dimensions of product applications have been developed. Our portfolio consists of some already green products with many others being at different stages of the dealership process in the United States or in other countries through the ECO LABELLING process.

We truly believe that a contemporary environmental mindset will be the core competency for incorporations.

Our future and our children will count on our efforts.




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